The Shelf Life of our handmade chocolates be consumed within 3 months. Each batch of our chocolates is made fresh against an order.
Yes, definitely. You can contact us for further information.
Yes, delivery can happen on a certain date. Please, place your order 2 days prior to the date of delivery. You can contact us for the delivery date or you can make a note at the time of checkout.
Chocolates should be stored in a dry and hygienic place in temperatures less than 23 degrees celsius. In winter, they can be safely kept indoors. During summer, it is better to keep them in an air-conditioned room or refrigeration. Refrigeration may sometimes cause problems. As soon as the chocolates are taken out of the refrigerator a film of moisture develops on the them because of condensation. Avoid direct sunlight in all seasons.
For smaller order size, you can make an order online. For large orders, you can drop us a query on our contact us page or you can directly call/email us.